Spectacular Temple of Lord Dhanwantari Built up in Andhra Pradesh

Dr. P. Seethakalyani (B.Sc B.A.M.S) W/o Dr. K. R. V. Vasantha Rayalustudied in B.R.K.R Govt. Ayurvedic College Hyderabad in 1975 – 1981.And given her services as a Medical Officer in Ananthapur District and Retd as a S.M.O in Rims Kadapa. She is actively providing free Ayurveda medicine and support to patients.

Q. Dr. Seetakalyani, please tell us about the inspiration behind your work?
A. My Father in Law Dr. Kr. Venkatadri Rao was a renowed doctor in Allagadda Taluk, Kurnool Dist. His dedication towards his work and welfare of society inspired us.

Q. How did you build Dhanvantari Temple? Did you get any support from Government of local society?
A. My father in law’s patients were very happy with his work and one of them Smt. C Nagamma donated 1 acre land to him. My father in law’s wish was to build a Dhanvantari Temple in that area.

My Husband and I contributed almost Rs. 40 to 50 Lakhs and built this temple in 2008.Since then we are distributing Ayurvedic medicines on everySaturday at this Temple.

Q. Do you get support from your family and friends for the noble cause?
A. My husband always supported me for the cause and we both have organized various camps and seminars to spread ayurveda. Friends and Society were always supportive.

Q. What keeps you motivated?
A. We believe in Love All and Serve All. It keeps us motivated all the time.

Q. How did Arogya Bharti helped in your work?
A. We are very grateful to Arogya Bharti for supporting us in our social work. It gave us opportunity to reach out allover India and a wide network of Doctors who are working to serve the society.

Q. What is your message to the society?
A. Love All Serve All

Spectacular Temple of Lord Dhanwantari Built up in Andhra Pradesh