About Us

Arogya Bharati is a voluntary organization of service minded people and groups who have interest in the health of the society, who are inspired by a sense of dedication, motivated by Bharatiya life values, having regard and appreciation for different systems of medicine and engaged in coordinating and organising them to build a healthy nation.

Happiness, Prosperity and progress are deeply connected to health. An unhealthy person can neither be himself happy nor can be progressive and he can neither contribute to national prosperity. Therefore, by keeping health of the individual at a higher pedestal only we can make our nation a revered and prosperous nation.

We all know that Bharat resides in villages and the real welfare of the nation is in the welfare of villages .Therefore it is essential to stress on the health scenario in the villages. Besides this it is necessary to work with greater attention for the poor sections of the urban and half urban areas. Even in this 21st century it is distressful to note that people die of aggravation of simple diseases like fever, diarrhea and hunger ,thirst, heat strokes and cold waves or they are dying because of poverty, ignorance and blind beliefs .

To see that people do not die of these preventable common ailments , it is not essential to make great health plans or construct big hospitals or deploy a large number of doctors in rural areas. The necessity is that of a system which enables the individuals and society to be aware of simple health problems, be educated and resourceful enough to tackle the above said problems. By taking up the availability of potable drinking water, enough food, clean environment we can be safe from 80% of the diseases. For this the society has to come forward. It will not do if we totally depend on government systems or blame the deficiencies of the administrative set up. It is possible to achieve a healthy, happy society by the coordinate efforts of individuals, society and the government.