Arogya Bharati Press Release:

Arogya Bharati Press Release:

Arogya Bharati is a voluntary holistic health care organization based on Bharatiya healthcare concepts and through its various programs, is striving towards building a healthier nation.

Lately, certain media houses are driving a yellow journalism campaign against “Garbha Sanskar”an Antenatal Care Program of Arogya Bharati. These media houses are trying to paint the program as a racist program rather than a pregnancy care program. What is so abhorrent is that these media campaigns are claiming that this program focuses on achieving a fair skin color child, showing the program something akin to the racial selection program run by Nazi Germany. Skin color prejudice has never been a narrative of Bharatiya culture. Arogya Bharati strongly condemns all these biased media campaigns.

Targeting the Arogya Bharati’s Garbh Vidnyan program held on 6th & 7th May 2017at Kolkata, Times of India published a baseless news item mentioning this program as a racist program to promote fair skinned children. Based on this news item, the West Bengal Commission for Protection of Child Rights filed a Public Interest Petition in Kolkata High Court for banning this program. After hearing the learned counsel of Arogya Bharati, the High court dismissed the petition with following comments:

“It is not the intention of respondent Arogya Bharati to create ‘Designer Babies’, but to assist pregnant women to have an easy delivery of healthy babies. Therefore, in our opinion, the Article which had led to filing of this Public Interest Litigation is prima facie misleading and it is necessary to question why such an Article was published. Therefore, we direct the petitioner to add ‘The Times of India, Times News Network and Jhimli Mukherjee Pandey’ as party respondents to this petition.”

Garbh Samskar is a series of Vedic Techniques Perinatal Care. Our ancient Rishis created these to achieve offsprings blessed with Divine Qualities. Abhimanyu, Prahalad are some of the examples of luminous entities created out of these techniques. Even the current western medical science highlights an optimum diet, behavior, thoughts & temperament for achieving positive outcomes in pregnancy.
The future generations of Bharat may be adorned with all divine attributes – this is the humble aim for which Arogya Bharati is driving this national campaign. Arogya Bharati is confident that the enlightened and aware citizens of this country will make this anti-bharatiya, planned & biased media campaign, a failure.

(Dr.Ramesh Gautam)
National Working President

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